Ep 14: Changing Perception – Moving Towards Inclusivity

Our topic for this episode is – Changing perceptions – moving towards inclusivity.

To discuss this topic we have with us two eminent personalities Vaijayanti Bose and Ritika Sahni.

Vaijayanti is a life coach, blogger, podcaster, author and always a teacher. She also works with individuals and makes them discover their limiting beliefs and identify their strengths. This in turn will help them to set measurable goals for themselves to achieve planned outcomes, that will make them happy in their relationships, at home and excel in their workplace. Graduating with History (Honours) and then B.ed from Loreto College, Calcutta University, she topped it up later with M.A in History from Jadavpur University. Her book, PIVOT IN CONFIDENCE Live Carefree on Kindle and Amazon.com emphasizes that accepting the need to change is vital, to acquire a growth mindset, for enhancing your self-image and relationships at home and in the workplace.

Ritika is a trainer and consultant in Disability Inclusion. She has been a special educator, communication therapist and for the last 30 years has been Teaching, giving Lectures and conducting sensitization workshops for numerous academic institutions in the country. A Gold Medalist with a Masters in Music and equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education, Ritika Sahni feels fortunate to pursue both her passions, that of a Singer-Performer and a Disability Campaigner.
Podcast Summary:

00:00: Introduction
01:34: [Viji] What are some of the barriers you come across?
05:32 [Ritika] What kind of barriers do you come across?
11:03: [Viji] In your experience who is more difficult to work with? Adolescents or parents?
13:37: [Ritika] Have you come across such a difficult situation as in the movie “Black”?
19:27: [Viji] In your role as a coach tell us about a stereotype or a myth that surprised you?
24:37: [Ritika] In your role as a facilitator, what are some of the reasons given by people for not being inclusive of people with disabilities that have shocked you/surprised you?
30:26: [Both] How do you talk to adolescents/teenagers about being compassionate while being competitive?
34:40: [Both] Any words of advice.
39:06: Conclusion.
39:41: Outro.