Fondation Alliance Française

With 135 years of history, the Alliance Française, created in 1883 by illustrious founders (Paul Cambon, Jules Ferry, Pierre Foncin, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Louis Pasteur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne…), is the first French language school and the first cultural NGO in the world.

Legally and financially autonomous, based on the associative model and registered under local laws, today there are 832 Alliances Françaises in 131 countries, spread over the 5 continents. Their universal purpose and objective is to:

– Develop the teaching and use of the French language in France and throughout the world;

– Promote the knowledge of French and French-speaking cultures;

– Promote diversity, exchange and dialogue between cultures.

– Led by nearly 15,000 employees, each year they bring together more than 500,000 learners of all courses, 6,500 volunteer administrators, more than 26,000 cultural events per year and nearly 3 million participants in cultural events organized on the 5 continents.

It is a unique global community, built on civil society, common values and history. The Alliances Françaises share common values: solidarity, sharing, diversity, openness, mutualisation, exchange, conviviality, excellence and professionalism.

The Fondation Alliance Française, created in 2007 in Paris and recognized as a public utility, named Fondation des Alliances Françaises since February 2020, is the head of the network and places at the heart of its action the animation, regulation and coordination of the Alliances Françaises movement.

It oversees the procedure for awarding and withdrawing the ‘Alliance Française’ label and guarantees the worldwide protection of the trademark by progressively registering it in all the countries where the Alliances are present.

The Foundation keeps a watchful eye on the managers attached to the Alliance Française brand, which it promotes and regularly updates: mission and values charter, standard statutes, graphic charter, quality approach reference framework, annual questionnaire to map the network and monitor the activity of the Alliances.

The Foundation ensures the global coherence of the network and provides advice to the teams and members of the Alliances’ boards of directors.

Its actions are relayed in most geographical areas by a network of local coordinators (most often directors of the Alliance in the capital city) with whom it maintains a close relationship, in liaison with the Embassy of France and the French Institute.

It maintains close relations with other members entities in the network: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Institute Paris, the AEFE, Campus France, etc.

The Foundation brings its expertise and knowledge of the network to the French Institute and collaborates in the various programmes that the latter implements (cultural action, media library, professionalisation, quality approach, etc.), thus contributing on the one hand to a better adaptation of these schemes to the realities and specific needs of the Alliances, but also to greater access to these services by the Alliances.

Finally, it promotes and organises national, regional or global meetings, thus encouraging mutualisation and solidarity and contributing to the influence of the Alliance Française brand throughout the world.

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