Culturethèque is the digital library developed by the French Institute for the French cultural network abroad: French Institutes and Alliances françaises.

The platform offers a wide variety of digital content accessible to subscribers at all times. Among the thousands of documents: novels (including the latest literary prizes), thematic bouquets, major titles from the French press, documentaries, comic strips, self-training modules, resources in Human and Social Sciences are available to subscribers.

The platform is available in geo-localized country interfaces. Thanks to this, the agents of French cultural institutions abroad have the possibility to appropriate this digital library by presenting their own selections of documents and to translate the interface into the language of their choice.

Presented to the public since February 2013, Culturethèque has been the subject of an active registration and communication campaign in the establishments of the French cultural network abroad. The platform will be enriched as the cultural programme of the French Institutes grows and according to the needs of the public: conferences, concerts, cinema.

Within the framework of the plan for the French language and multilingualism presented by the President of the Republic, the IF is now strengthening the pedagogical dimension of the platform in order to develop uses among learners according to their language level (development of linguistic paths). For Culturethèque to be made available to the greatest number of people, the French Institute is facilitating cooperation agreements between diplomatic posts and local educational authorities (e.g. Colombia and Switzerland). A new project is currently underway to develop an application and to allow offline access to the contents by 2021.

On March 28th, Culturethèque welcomed its four millionth visitor.

To subscribe and know more about Culturethèque, contact your nearest Alliance Française.